Tupac Shakur Knew Who Killed Him According to New 2Pac Special

According to a new 2Pac special, Tupac Shakur apparently knew who killed him. As we all know, his murder remains a mystery and if this new special is to be believed, it’s because the Las Vegas PD was never interested in solving it.

Tupac’s getting another documentary titled “Snapped: Notorious” on Oxygen to air this September 10. The documentary will feature in-depth interviews from people who saw him last before the fatal shooting in 1996. Close friends and rappers that were close to Tupac will give their opinions, narratives and personal stories regarding Tupac.

The documentary is reported to run for full two hours.

The trailer is available online. It has a morbid scene where it shows Pac’s last breaths on his soon-to-be deathbed inside a Las Vegas hospital. He is shown to be signaling and nodding when asked if he knew who did that to him.

Though there are already a ton of Tupac documentaries, this looks to be a must watch, fan or not.

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