Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna Close to Striking Custody Deal

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna are close to understanding for custody and child support but not there yet.

Sources conversant with the case disclose that, lawyers from both of them and in addition Rob and Chyna themselves have been hashing out a joint custody for months now. We’re told they are not far separated over the division of physical custody – each is fine giving the other considerable physical custody.

It’s noteworthy since the Dept. of Children and Family Services opened a case even before Rob and Chyna split over her suspected drug use. We’re told it’s as yet an open case in L.A. County Dependency Court.

Our sources say Rob trusts Chyna can deal with parental duties, but, the Kardashian women are not as understanding and accept there are serious inquiries regarding Chyna’s fitness on account of the drug assertions.

There is something more risky they mentioned child support our sources say Chyna needs a great deal much more than Rob might believe she merits, however it shows up there’s been some development toward a tradeoff.

Since there’s an open case in Dependency Court, we’re told any custody agreement must be closed down by that judge.

Short story they’re getting a great deal nearer to hashing things out.

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