Dr. Luke Settles With Kesha’s Mom Drops Defamation Suit

Dr. Luke’s almost 3 year saga in a slander claim against Kesha’s mother is at last over – the suit’s been dropped and they’ve reached a settlement.

The music producer asserted in a 2014 claim that Pebe Sebert organized a smear campaign of sexual lies against him. He additionally asserted Pebe needed Kesha to break her agreement with him, and when she was unable, Pebe got Kesha to spread lies that he raped her.

However, the parties as of now have settled to discharge the case with prejudice – meaning it can’t be refiled. Interpretation: They settled it, and one thing Luke got was an announcement from Pebe in regards to his rape case with Kesha.

As indicated by the announcement, “Pebe confesses she has no firsthand information of the incident happening the evening of the allege assault. Pebe was absent that night. Around that time, Pebe was in Nashville, and Kesha was in Los Angeles. The disagreement amongst Kesha and Dr. Luke about the occasions of that night is the subject of the New York case, and will be chosen in that case.

Just as we announced, Pebe countersued Dr. Luke alleging he tormented and abused her by supposedly date raping her daughter. In April 2016, that case was dropped.

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