Did Taylor Swift Just Confirm Her Anniversary With Joe Alwyn Is Next Month?

News about Taylor Swift’s relationship with Joe Alwyn didn’t start until May; however she may have recently confirmed that they began dating months earlier. Could their one year anniversary rally be in OCTOBER?

You can learn a lot about somebody in light of the posts they “like” via social media, and while Taylor Swift, 27, presently can’t seem to do any interview or talk publicly since her rebound a month ago, she has been liking up a storm on Tumblr. Tay’s Twitter and Instagram activity stays truly insignificant, excepts for posts promoting her new music, yet she appears to be spending a great deal of time “loking” fan posts on Tumblr and a new one about her relationship  with Joe Alwyn, 26, has everybody talking.

“The point that Taylor and Joe have been dating longer than Selena (Gomez) and Abel (The Weeknd) blows my head off,” one individual wrote. A second reacted, “And the way that they could be praising their 1 year anniversary.

Taylor hit “like” on this chain of remarks, which has fans thinking about whether that is confirmation that she began dating Joe in October. Afterward, when news of the relationship opened up to the world in May, fans dug into the files and found that they both went to a Kings of Leon show and after-party in Oct. 2016. He have connected with Taylor’s rep for comment.

Taylor and Joe still can’t seem to be pictured together and have kept their relationship fantastically private in the months they’ve been together. Notwithstanding, there’s real guesses her new song, “Ready For It?” is about the romance. Additionally, it was heard that Taylor is “crazy in love” with Joe. “Their relationship is extremely adoring and sustaining,” our insider clarified. “He’s extremely protective of her and has a really good, calming effect on her.” Awww.

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